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Anthony Bramley

Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, Coder, and stanner of the Oxford Comma


I am Anthony Bramley, a Chicagoan rooting for Cleveland. I have been playing saxophone for five years, compsing for four, and recently started coding again. I also play piano. I am experienced with HTML, CSS, NodeJS, and Python. This website is a hub for all of my published work, as well as a blog for my current projects. Feel free to email me at this address, or DM me on discord (@bramley#3674).
Now, make yourself comfortable!

My Music


Enchant was written in September and October of 2019 for chamber ensemble. It was specifically written for the 2019 Composition Contest and won 1st place. It is about 3 and a half minutes long. You can view the score here.

Symphony No. 1

This piece is still being worked on. It is written for concert band, and is planned to have 4 movements.

Joshua Morse Collection

I have been listening to Joshua Morse's music since I was in third grade. I recently asked him if I could make concert band arrangements of some of his songs, and he said it was cool. This compilation is not yet complete, but will include Funk Bump, Milo Monkey, and more!

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My Projects


A collaboration with members of the repl.it community. This started on December 20th as sort of a joke, but evolved into a large site-wide project with over 150 members. You can join here. However, caution is advised, as many people try to ruin the fun with NSFW imagery.


ReTell is an unreleased social media platform inspired by the mechanics of the dating app Tinder. You can view concept art here. A release date has not been decided upon.


This html-based operating system is currently being developed and is expected to release in February of 2020. The OS looks very similar to this site, which is why concept art will not be provided.

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This page was created by Anthony Bramley in January of 2020. Information on this page is not final, and is subject to change.

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